Madison, WI: Cheese Curds + Mac & Cheese Pizza + Spotted Cow


Anyone from outside the Midwest may be confused by the term “Cheese Curd”, but I want to reassure everybody that they are in fact small, sometimes deep fried, balls of cheesy delicious-ness. But down at The Double U, cheese curds don’t stand alone, in fact, they added them on top of a pizza which is one crazy flavor combination that you have to try. I can promise anybody that a cheese curd and ranch topped pizza will be nothing but excellent. Don’t miss out, you will regret it.

Address: The Double U, 620 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715


Now since Wisconsin is “America’s Dairyland”, is it any surprise that creamy Mac and Cheese is piled on a slice of pizza? I didn’t think so either. But wow, this pizza is insane. More commonly associated with late night, after the bars type of pizza but I would eat this pizza anytime of the day with a smile on my face. Definitely a great value for how inexpensive it is.

Address: Ian’s Pizza on State, 100 State St, Madison, WI 53703


Now here’s a Wisconsin exclusive, literally. Spotted Cow beer is a product of New Glarus Brewing Co and as crazy as it may seem, can only be purchased in the state of Wisconsin. A great beer to help wash down the cheese curds, brats or the other million types of food the Madison has. Worth a try while you are in Wisconsin, cause you literally can’t get it anywhere else.


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