Málaga, Spain: Vinegar Anchovies + Sardine Skewers + Spicy Prawns + Coffee/Ice Cream


Malagueños are very serious about their anchovies, that’s no joke. They even call themselves “Boquerones”, which is Spanish for anchovies. This appetizer is just as simple as it looks but it will kick off any meal with an exclamation mark. Anchovies in vinegar (boquerones en vinagre) is a staple dish of the Southern region of Spain, Andalucía. Topped with salt, garlic, white wine vinegar, parsley, olive oil and sometimes even topped with olives, this is a must try. Fresh anchovies and high level taste. Don’t miss out.


You may walk down the beautiful beaches of Málaga wondering what those skewers are that are at every beach restaurant grill. Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore because those are called “Espetos de Sardinas” (skewers of sardines) and they do not disappoint. A very simple dish; grilled sardines with a touch of salt, drizzled with Spanish olive oil (another must try) with a lemon on the side. Pack a couple extra napkins cause they are a bit messy, but for only a few euro, this dish has a ton of flavor. Found at any “chiringuito” or beach restaurant. These definitely should not be eaten with a fork and knife.


Now if you’re like me, any dish that comes out of the kitchen and is still bubbling…feels like christmas morning. “Gambas al pil pil” is an appetizer or “tapa” that consists of spicy shrimp in a Spanish olive oil and garlic sauce that is insanely good. Great for a snack and you can even share it. Simple ingredients, Insane flavor. Bet you can’t have just one.


As anyone who has been to Málaga knows, it gets pretty hot. What better way to cool it down than with a black and white (Blanco y negro) from Casa Mira. Imagine slushy type ice but flavored with coffee, then top that off with your choice of ice cream or whipped cream. The toughest decision you’ll have to make is either to dive in with a spoon or sit back and drink it slow with a straw. Great during siesta.

Address: Casa Mira, Calle Nueva, 16 29005 Málaga, Spain


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