Bilbao, Spain: Fresh Steak + Pinxtos + Cider


Now, as you can see, there is nothing crazy on this plate. Nothing exotic. But, what a picture can’t illustrate is how these seemingly simple things can be one of the best meals you’ve ever eaten. Some people argue that more ingredients enhance flavor, but this plate negates that. When you bite into that steak, it is like hitting the jackpot. Tender and juicy are selling it way too short. The peppers and the fries are also very simple but you can taste how fresh the ingredients were and you can taste the effort that the chef put into the make a simple plate into something sensational. Located in the old quarter of town, this restaurant is definitely worth it. Simple and delicious, can’t beat that.

Address: Restaurante Victor Montes, Plaza Nueva, 8, 48005 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain


Don’t let the name scare you, Pinxtos are the Basque version of tapas. Pinxtos, or skewer (toothpick) is just a small, usually snack size meal that can be anything. Above is only one of the infinite variations that exist. Usually, most cafe’s have large plates of different pinxtos that you can choose from. Just be careful, bigger isn’t always better here. The bigger the skewer (toothpick), the more expensive. A really nice way to try lots of different foods in one sitting.

Address: Café Iruña, Albia Lorategia, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain


For all the hard cider lovers, this is definitely for you. Don’t expect to sip on Red’s apple ale here because this cider is all natural. They don’t even add sugar, all the sugar is from the apples themselves. Has more of a flatter taste with around 5-6% alcohol but its a lot more fun than you would think. The Basque also pour the cider from very high with the belief that they are adding air to the cider, giving it a better taste. Entertaining to watch, just be careful with the splash. They even let you pour it from the wall at this restaurant.

Address: Sidrería Asador Arriaga, Santa Maria Kalea,13, 48005 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain


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