Cologne, Germany: Currywurst + Spit Roast, Fried Potatoes, Red Cabbage


First things first, we got Currywurst made to go and the flavor was still out of bounds. I can only imagine what it tastes like for a sit down meal. The meat was cooked to perfection, the sauce was so flavorful and the bread was the final piece of the puzzle to pull it all together and mop up the leftover flavor lava. Great snack or quick bite to eat. Inexpensive as well.

Address: Museum of Chocolate, Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A, 50678 Köln, Germany (across the street)


In German: Spießbraten mit Bratkartoffeln mit Rotkohl. Translation: Spit roast with fried potatoes with red cabbage. Warning: Once eating has begun, you won’t be able to stop…Let’s talk about a well balanced plate with respect to flavor. The roast was juicy and tender. The potatoes were cooked to perfection and the red cabbage…deserves a medal of its own. The hours of slow cooking come through so clearly in the intense flavor that the red cabbage has. Super typical dish for the region and don’t forget to wash it down with a Kölsch, the typical beer of Cologne. Must try if you visit Cologne. Try it in any of the breweries.


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