Galicia, Spain: Octopus + Almond Cake + Padrón Peppers


Dive in to a plate of Galician Style Octopus (Pulpo) and you won’t be able to stop. Although visually unappealing to some, including myself at first, the taste was so worth it. Fight that fear and just go for it. Very well prepared, topped with Spanish olive oil and paprika and that’s it. The dish comes out tender, with a bit of spice cooled down with the smooth taste of Spanish olive oil; you will definitely remember this dish.


Almond cake, or locally known as “torta de almendra”, is truly an anytime snack. Even as a substitute for breakfast, it was amazing. Wash it down with a cup of coffee (café con leche) and the soft, deliciously flavored cake will add a nice little touch to any meal. Inexpensive but worth a try.


You may wonder why there is only peppers on this plate, and its because they deserve to be eaten alone. Perfect for an appetizer (tapa) to get the taste buds warmed up. These peppers have a notable flavor and after they are grilled and seasoned with salt, you’ll find it hard to stop eating them.


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